Insurance Hacks Part II: What Healthy Bytes Can Do for You! 

We shared our list of common insurance terms with you in part I of our Insurance Hacks Series. In Insurance Hacks Part II today, we want to give you the scoop as to what Healthy Bytes can do to ease your entry into accepting insurance. Or perhaps you already accept insurance – go, you! Either way, Healthy Bytes is your biggest ally! We specialize in nutritional counseling reimbursement – this includes credentialing, contracting, billing and reimbursement. 

Let’s get you set up to accept insurance! 

Dietitians who use Healthy Bytes have grown their revenues by 200% to 600%. Sounds good, yes? Join them! Accepting insurance opens up your client base, allowing you to see clients who may not have otherwise come knocking. Healthy Bytes handles the credentialing and contracting process on your behalf, sparing you from piles of paperwork and hours (and hours and more hours) of time that it takes to complete the process. 

Let us be your insurance experts

The Healthy Bytes team spends countless hours on the phone with insurance companies so that you don’t have to. We have a solid rapport with insurance companies big and small. The partnerships we have formed with them allow us to process your paperwork just that much faster, meaning you get paid…faster. 

Our platform allows you to file better claims. Here’s the Healthy Bytes Way: 

Step 1: Add A Client

  • We ask you basic patient information: demographics, diagnosis description and insurance coverage.
  • We then conduct a nutrition-specific eligibility and benefits check with reference number in about 5 days. 
  • We take care of preauthorizations so you're ready to go.

Step 2: File A Claim

  • We ask for the details of your appointment: type of visit, location, date, and have you confirm diagnosis details.
  • With Healthy Bytes, there are no codes for you to memorize. 
  • We take it from there. Now, feel free to savor that scone.

Step 3: Get Paid

  • View the status of your claims from our real-time, searchable dashboard.
  • Rest assured knowing that we'll automatically appeal if there's ever a problem with your claim.
  • We charge 6% of the final approved amount of each claim. There is an $87 minimum per month.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Give us a call about our services and how we can help you hack it! You can always reach us at 

Lastly, have you downloaded our Insurance Reimbursement Guide for Dietitians? If not, take a second to get your copy of this comprehensive resource! 

Now go ahead, don’t worry about what a CMS 1500 form is; that's our job!