Start the Contracting Process—Now’s the Time

If you have your sights set on accepting insurance in 2019, now is the time to start the contracting process with insurance companies! That’s right. It could take approximately six months’ time to get fully contracted as an in-network provider. There’s no time like the present—get a jump on being able to see more clients and help them meet their nutrition goals starting in January! 

Allow us to walk you through next steps: 

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve initiated the credentialing process; you’ve announced to the health insurance company or companies that you’re a legitimate health care professional. They will proceed to do due diligence to make sure that you are indeed in possession of the credentials you claim to have. 

Next, the insurance company’s credentialing department will pass your application along to the contracting department. Contracting encompasses the process of setting up an agreement with a health insurance company that clearly defines the scope of responsibilities. The insurance company may let you know where they are throughout this process, or they may not. This is where Healthy Bytes steps in and stays on top of your provider status by being regularly in touch with our health insurance contacts.

Hate hold music? We understand! This is where we come in—we make the calls necessary to ensure that each of your applications with carriers is processed efficiently. It can take about 180 days (six months!) to fully complete the process. 

Once you have a contract with an insurance company, we pair you up with your personal Billing Ally here at Healthy Bytes, who will walk you through filing claims in our system, so you can start seeing more clients in 2019!

Ready to go? We thought so! Call us at 1-844-4RD-BILL or email us at today. We can give you a brief demo of the services available for you to view by request—if this is of interest to you, please be in touch! We look forward to helping you through this process so that you can achieve your financial goals in 2019!