Networking Outside the Box

As health professionals, many of us attend incredible annual conferences that allow us to improve our skillsets and network with our peers. While these provide great value, today’s post is about networking outside your box, or outside of our nutrition industry shows. 


To find clients. 

If you’re in private practice, you want to mix and mingle with others who can either refer you to clients or with others who could ultimately become your clients. If you’re mixing and mingling with other registered dietitian nutritionists or certified nutrition specialists, you’re likely not going to get many direct clients out of building those relationships – that is, unless you’re referring to another healthcare pro given you know someone in need of their niche area of expertise.

Think about attending an event where doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. are likely to be in attendance. Think about local business events in your area such as those hosted by the Small Business Administration, National Speakers Association, Young Professionals networking group, women’s networking groups and more. A search for “Seattle networking events” turned up no fewer than 371 results on Eventbrite at the time of writing this post. The sky is the limit! 

Perhaps business-focused events like the ones mentioned above aren’t your thing. You might have a passion for photography or for sustainability, for example. Seek an event where other photographers and like-minded civic individuals will be! You never know who you’ll meet and who may ultimately turn into a paying client. Just remember to go into the events with an open mind and ensure you lead with how you can help the person you’re speaking with; not vice versa.

Have you been to an “outside the box” networking event lately? Tell us about it!