Sources for Generating New Clients: HealthProfs, ZocDoc and Healthgrades

Many of you are using sites such as HealthProfs, ZocDoc and Healthgrades as a means of marketing your services and sourcing new clients for your private practice. Well done! Let’s take a look at these three referral sources and share insight from RDNs about each, so that you can discern whether one (or several) might be helpful in growing your private practice. 


HealthProfs helps clients select and contact “…the professional they need based on clear and credible information,” according to its website. They also aim help dietitians find the clients to whom they are most suited. On HealthProfs, you can list your contact information, client focus, treatment preferences, qualifications, fees (including insurance plans you accept) and a description of your services. You can also upload a few photos. 

We reached out to a few dietitians for their thoughts on HealthProfs and many noted that it has been one of the best referral sources for new business. Lisa Stollman, MA,  RDN, CDE,  CDN, CLT is one such RDN. “I love HealthProfs. I’ve been getting about ten calls per month [using the service],” she says. She also shared that it may take time before referrals start rolling in, anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. 

Meredith Alvarez, RDN, agrees, and notes an additional benefit of the service: “HealthProfs has been great. Not just for referring patients, but other health care providers in the area looking to collaborate.”

Jessica Spiro, RD, CLC has had new opportunities arise as a result of being a HealthProfs member as well. “I’ve had people call me for corporate wellness and speaking events and while it wasn’t directly through HealthProfs, I’m assuming it helped them find me. I feel like it ranks me higher in Google.”

The same is true for Judy Matusky, RDN, LDN, who receives approximately four to six referrals a month; two of them were from corporate clients that generated a lot of work for her. “I think many individuals and companies use the site to find dietitians,” she said. 

Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT suggests optimizing HealthProfs membership by experimenting with keywords, zip codes and more. She suggests that your profile answer the question “Why should I contact this person?” We couldn’t agree more, Jan – it’s very important to discuss the benefits you provide to your clients rather than simply speak to your background and credentials. is free for the first six months, followed by a monthly fee of $29.95 per month. Your profile appears in Google searches, making it easier for potential clients to find you. Amanda Hibshman, RDN, shared that if you refer someone to join HealthProfs, you get a free month – a great means of saving a few dollars and supporting a fellow RDN! 


ZocDoc is another referral site and includes 24/7 online booking, a customized profile, client reviews, and more. This particular one appears to be skewed toward physician members, yet many RDNs use the site for referrals. Gabbi Berkow, MA, RD, CDN, CPT with Gabbi Berkow Nutrition and Fitness, uses ZocDoc and has received a large return from her membership. “New clients like to check out ZocDoc reviews and put a lot of trust in that site, and I believe it increases Google search rankings as well. I still get new ZocDoc bookings each week. Both HealthProfs and ZocDoc have been huge and extremely successful sources of clients for me.”


Healthgrades bills itself as the leading destination for patients looking for providers but appears to skew largely toward physicians, similar to ZocDoc. Every provider who has a listing with the National Provider Identifier Registry has a free profile on, according to its FAQ. Cindy Witkowski, RD, uses Healthgrades; she likes it because it is free, and other physician offices use the site to make referrals to her.

Are you using one of the above referral sites? If so, what has your experience been like?