Can I See a Patient At A Coffee Shop?

Think about where you conduct the majority of your nutrition counseling visits – are they at your office, an MD’s office, or perhaps your home office? Do you conduct home visits or see clients via telehealth sessions? 

Did you know there are approximately 100 different location codes for use when filing claims?

Depending upon where your visits take place, there are different Place of Service Codes for use in billing. It’s a best practice to check with individual payers (Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance) for reimbursement policies regarding the location-based codes, or ask your Healthy Bytes Billing Ally should you have any coding questions. Your Healthy Bytes Ally will help you navigate these location-based codes for efficient reimbursement. 

Remember, too, that no matter the location where you are approved to conduct the session, you’ll want to ensure that you are protecting your client’s privacy by adhering to HIPAA standards. While there are plenty of innovative options: renting space in a physician’s practice, working from home, or exploring co-working spaces with private offices, the most important thing is to make sure that your workspace is secured. Make sure you’re meeting in a private space where you can discuss protected health information (PHI) and treatment strategies with your client. Thus, we do not suggest meeting your client at your local coffee shop! 

What questions do you have about the location(s) where you conduct nutrition counseling?