Private Practice Resources for Dietitians and Dietitians-To-Be

For those of you who are RDNs and dietitians-to-be with glimmers of opening up your own private practices in your eyes, this post is for you! You may have recently graduated or are nearing your graduation date. Or, you may be a second-career dietitian. Or, you may have a few years of clinical experience under your belt and you wish to launch your own practice. Congratulations across the board!

We invite you to spend some time with this post (set it as a bookmark, too!), as it contains numerous resources for launching your private practice.

Is Private Practice Right for Me?

Ask yourself first whether you’re ready to launch your own business, and whether you are an entrepreneur at heart. If you’re not completely there, it’s totally understandable! You may have questions. You might not be 100% sure. One of the things we oftentimes hear from you is that you feel that launching a new venture needs to be all-or-nothing; you might worry about getting “from 0 to 60” in a snap! In fact, one of the great things about launching a practice is that it’s up to you how big or small you’d like it to be, whether it will be a side gig or full-time job for you, how quickly you want to grow, etc. That’s the beauty of it being all yours! If this is your situation, here are a few resources to consider:

  • Is Private Practice Right for you? Check out this free, recorded education session to learn more about private practice from Nicole Goodrich, MS, RDN, LDN (she’s a Healthy Bytes client, too). You will start by exploring your whys, then move into a basic business set up, followed by wrapping up with some actionable items and resources.

  • Three Signs You Were Meant to be an Entrepreneur How do you know whether starting and running a private practice is right for you? Here are three telltale signs that you’re ready to set up shop and take your dream to the next level!

  • I’m a Registered Dietitian…Now What? Dietitian Anne Elizabeth invites you to explore your story, passion and purpose as a registered dietitian. How do you find fulfillment in your job? How to know when it is time to move on and to have the courage to go after the job you want as an RDN? You’ll find inspiration to follow your purpose in Anne’s book!

Or, perhaps you yelled a resounding “YES” to our question above! Let’s hop into “Setting Up Your Business” below.

Setting Up Your Business

You’re ready to set up your private practice! Books, blogs and other resources abound on this topic, including:

  • Making Nutrition Your Business: Building a Successful Private Practice by dietitians Ann Silver and Lisa Stollman provides you with a complete roadmap to beginning and maintaining a nutrition-based business, providing detailed advice on business structure, money management and more.

  • Dietitian Rebecca Bitzer’s book, Welcome to the REBELution: 7 Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams, will guide you through conquering the implementation of electronic health records, creating innovative nutrition programs, formulating company policies and procedures, and much more.

  • The Nutrition Entrepreneurs dietetics practice group has your back when you need support regarding your business. Its 4,000-plus members are here for you! Take a look at their membership benefits, including their mentorship program.

  • is a destination for colleagues and the public to purchase RDN-created digital goods. Take a look at the templates, forms and resources available to you. Megan Boitano, the dietitian behind, hosts a Facebook Live Q&A with various experts every week – tune in!

  • Dietitian Mandy Enright hosts a Facebook Community, the RD Business Blitz Tribe, which is chock full of tips and advice for fellow RDs in business and serves as a place to connect with other business-minded RDs. You can also get her free 10 Tips to Blitz Your Nutrition Biz to help get you started or check in on how your current business strategy stacks up.

  • In need of forms and templates? MNT Reimbursement Specialists’ free guidebook contains links to over 40 tools to help you grow your business.

  • Also view Setting Up Your Private Practice Part I and Setting Up Your Private Practice Part II on the Healthy Bytes blog – we’ve got you covered! Learn more about branding, creating a business plan, legal considerations, securing your NPI number, etc. These posts will provide you with a step-by-step approach to forming your company.

  • We here at Healthy Bytes also offer a personalized two-part private practice coaching session to evaluate your goals (for your practice and your future clients), understand the exact steps to take to get your business up and running, and develop a marketing strategy to promote your practice.

Accepting Insurance on Behalf of Your Clients

It’s never too early to set up your business to accept health insurance on behalf of your clients – a must if you want to expand your client base and grow your revenue. Healthy Bytes can help you with the credentialing, contracting, and eventually billing processes. Here are a few resources to peruse:

  • Demystifying Insurance webinar: learn about credentialing, contracting, billing and more, the Healthy Bytes way! Let's get your new practice set up to grow in 2019! 

  • Guide to Insurance and Reimbursement: this comprehensive article in Today's Dietitian provides practical steps to filing claims, coding and getting paid.

  • Nutrition Reimbursement: The Healthy Bytes Way: Download our e-book! This is the definitive guide that has all of the basics explained from becoming an in-network provider to getting reimbursed for telehealth. Inspired by the questions we get daily from dietitians across the country, we wrote this guide to serve as a jumping-off point. 

What questions do you have about starting up your private practice? Allow your Healthy Bytes billing allies to help, and schedule your free consultation today!