Social Media Reminders!

Does your practice have an online presence? By maintaining a website, a blog, and active social media accounts, you can enhance your interactions and build connections with clients beyond appointments. Social media can be a particularly useful tool for your practice, and leveraging it properly has the potential to help on a number of different fronts.

Social media can be an excellent venue for building your brand. Whether you want to rebrand or simply enhance the brand you’ve already built, using accounts like Instagram or a Facebook page can help you present your clients with a polished and curated message. By incorporating social media into your marketing strategy for your practice, you can begin to reach a much wider audience and attract more potential clients!

Additionally, you can use it to grow your practice by recruiting interns or new employees. Also, be sure to participate in the very active and huge online network of RDNs, in order to connect with colleagues, find support, and learn about trends in the field.

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