Spring Clean Your Practice

If you celebrate Easter or Passover, we hope your holiday was restful and rejuvenating! For us, this time of year signals the start of Spring and the opportunity to – you guessed it – Spring clean! Setting aside a few minutes here and there to see what improvements we can make to our office ultimately helps us feel more focused and organized. Do you feel the same? 

Take a look around your physical space. If you were one of your clients, would you feel welcomed and invited? Comfortable? At ease? Now might be the time to take inventory of your furniture, pictures hanging on the wall and overall use of your space. Re-arrange furniture. Buy a colorful, new throw pillow. Purchase a new lamp to brighten things up! Consider plants or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Your office is looking better already! 

Many of us have a “to-do” pile or stack of papers, mail, etc. that we’ll deal with later. Keep clutter, papers, etc. out of your clients’ view. Better yet, tackle paper mountain! Toss, shred, file or scan as necessary. Create an organizational system of colorful files or baskets to encourage organization going forward. 

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, Spring clean your email, too. Are there emails that you flagged two years ago that you thought you would read one day? Go through them. Delete what you can. Set up folders for your individual clients, industry news, referral partners, etc. Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer read. Set up rules so that incoming emails in Gmail or Outlook are pre-sorted for you! On a similar note, when you power up your laptop in the morning, are you greeted with 47 icons on your desktop, or are you welcomed by a lovely photo of a steaming latte or your kiddos’ smiling faces? Time to clear the desktop clutter – file, file, file! 

Lastly, put the clean in Spring cleaning. Actually clean your office. And don’t wait until next April to do it again! 

Not only will the tips above help you and your clients feel more at ease, but your productivity and mood will likely soar, too! 

Have you done any Spring cleaning at your office this season? Share what you accomplished!