Meet the Healthy Bytes Summer 2018 Interns

Healthy Bytes is excited to introduce our Summer 2018 interns to you today. Please join us to say hello—they’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help you grow your practices!

Emily DeLeo, Customer Service Team 

Hello! I’m Emily; I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in English. I was attracted to Healthy Bytes as an opportunity to apply my previous experiences in the medical field from a new angle.

Having recently graduated, I'm looking for my next step, and I know working here at Healthy Bytes will inspire some ideas regarding my next move! I've enjoyed learning the finer points of insurance. In my free time, I'm a knitter, a bibliophile and a hiker.

Tatum Naylor, Customer Service Team

Hi! I’m Tatum, an accounting and economics major at Case Western Reserve University. While learning about insurance markets during my healthcare economics course, I realized an interest in the patient/provider/insurer relationship and the many ways our country has attempted to optimize this relationship. I was interested in Healthy Bytes as it is a startup, offering support to providers navigating the complexities of insurance contracting and billing. I was also attracted to the collaborative culture and dedicated employees at Healthy Bytes. This leads me to my favorite part of working at Healthy Bytes, the people! Everyone at Healthy Bytes has been incredibly welcoming and always willing to take time to teach me new things, answer my many questions and make me laugh.

I began my internship hoping to learn more about insurance and better understand the impact of recent health policies. But I did not anticipate how many soft skills I would acquire, too! I have learned the importance of keeping detailed notes of conversations and how to effectively and confidently articulate confusing information. I know these skills will be applicable at any job I have following my graduation. 

When I’m not working you can find me going for a run or exploring New York City! 

Sai Karnati, Customer Service Team

I’m Sai! I am a rising senior at NYU studying global public health and biology, with minors in chemistry and art history. I was drawn to Healthy Bytes because of my passion for public health and previous experience working with insurance companies. I am learning more about insurance reimbursement, eligibility and billing at Healthy Bytes and know this knowledge will help me in my future career as a physician. 

As a strict vegetarian, I have experienced the need for nutritional counseling and understands its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When I’m not working, I like reading novels, visiting art museums in the city, spending time with friends and dog-spotting!

Thomas Hopkins, Customer Service Team

Hello! I’m Thomas, an engineering major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I was initially attracted to working at Healthy Bytes because its model – serving as the “middle-man” between providers and dietitians – is quite important, and I felt that was something I wanted to know more about and be a part of. 

This internship allowed me to improve my overall communications abilities; which I did via my many phone calls to insurance companies on your behalf! And after finishing my internship this month, I feel more confident reaching out to people. I also wanted to learn a little bit more about how insurance worked – this will benefit me later in life. Lastly, the people with whom I worked with was the highlight of my Healthy Bytes experience this Summer!

When I am not working I enjoy watching soccer matches whether it be the Premier League or the World Cup.  

Sarah MacDonald, Customer Service Team

Hi! I’m Sarah, a neuroscience major at Columbia University. I loved the atmosphere at Healthy Bytes so much last year that I wanted to come back. Plus, I wanted the opportunity to watch a business grow and evolve. It's great to see what challenges from last summer we overcame and what new challenges we are overcoming as a growing company! 

This Summer, I'm hoping to learn more about excellent customer service practices and how to tailor a platform to enhance the user experience. I also am learning more about using data to streamline processes.  

When I’m not working at Healthy Bytes, I can be found working in a psychophysiology lab at Columbia where I help run studies centered on behavioral and physiological responses to forms of social stress. I can also be found running in Central or Riverside Park, training for my upcoming cross country season.

We’re happy to have you all on board! You bring much talent and enthusiasm to our team!