Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spring Conferences: Where Healthy Bytes Will Be

It's the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics State Conference season! Are you attending your state event this Spring? For those of you who are new to Academy conferences, they are typically one to three day events with educational sessions, workshops and networking opportunities. Some conferences even provide CEUs. Year over year, we always enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and help guide you toward private practice growth by accepting health insurance on behalf of your clients.

Upcoming State Conferences

Mark your calendars to visit with the Healthy Bytes billing experts at the following state events. We’ll be speaking on the topics of “Demystifying Insurance” or “Private Practice Profitability” at the majority of these meetings. Check your individual state agendas for dates and times!  

  • Illinois, March 28-29: We’ll be speaking on March 29th on the topic of “Demystifying Insurance.” Once you're contracted with insurance companies, your door will be open to clients who may not have been able to see you otherwise!

  • Maryland, April 1: Join us at 1:15 pm to learn “How to Make Health Insurance Work for Your Private Practice.” This session will walk you through 1) Setting up your business, 2) Getting credentialed, 3) Getting contracted, and 4) Start billing!

  • Connecticut, April 1: Healthy Bytes will have a booth at the exhibit hall — come say hello!

  • New York, April 5-6: Don’t miss our session on April 6th at 1:50 pm on “Demystifying Insurance and Navigating the Claims Landscape.” This session will help you understand the benefits of being an in-network provider so that you can fully realize the potential of insurance as a core way of attracting clients to your practice.

  • Washington/Oregon, April 8: Visit our booth in the exhibit hall on April 8th during the lunch hour and learn more about the Healthy Bytes Network! Join the transformation!

  • Texas, April 11-12: On April 12th, tune into our “Demystifying Insurance” session at 1:45 pm. Make health insurance work for your nutrition business or private practice! Be sure to visit the Healthy Bytes booth in the exhibit hall before and after that talk.

  • Nebraska, April 25-26: Join us on April 25th at 1:00 pm to learn how to dump living paycheck to paycheck and instead “Practice Private Practice Profitability.” Then come back at 2:00 pm to demystify insurance with the Healthy Bytes billing experts.

  • Ohio, May 3: We’ll be addressing Private Practice Profitability at 3:30 pm – don’t miss it! Let’s discuss the business of owning your own business – with a focus on profitability while maintaining the highest standards of patient and client care.

If you're attending, be sure to stop by and say hello. We'd love to meet you!

Let us know if we’ll see you at any of the state events above!