Getting Credentialed: Creating Your CAQH Profile

If you’re a registered dietitian who wishes to accept insurance on behalf of your clients, you’ll need to become an in-network provider with insurance companies. The first step in that process is credentialing, during which the insurance companies review your qualifications to make sure that you’re a registered dietitian in good standing. The nonprofit organization that exists to help standardize this review is the CAQH, or Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare.

We liken the CAQH to a digital filing cabinet where you can securely keep your information as a healthcare provider all in one place. Providing the Council with your information allows you to then authorize specific health plans to access your information for credentialing. You can think of the CAQH as The Common App, but for joining insurance networks rather than for navigating the college admission process!

What Information Will I Be Asked by CAQH?

To begin, register with CAQH. If you’re unsure whether you already have a CAQH account, your Healthy Bytes experts can jump in to assist! We’ve seen this scenario before – as an example, your former employer may have previously created a CAQH profile on your behalf.  

If you do not already have a CAQH account, you’ll need to supply the following info in order to create an account and complete your CAQH profile:

  • Personal Information

  • Private Practice Details

    • Name, address and contact information

    • Billing, office manager and credentialing contact

    • Services, certifications, limitations and hours of operation

    • Partners and covering colleagues

  • Education and Training

    • Graduate school

    • Internships

    • Fellowships and preceptorships

    • Teaching appointments

    • Specialties and certifications

  • Hospital Affiliation Information (if applicable)

  • Liability Insurance Information

  • Work History and References

  • Disclosure and Malpractice History

Keep in mind that not every question will apply to you and your practice. Once you enter your information in the CAQH Proview portal, you can begin to authorize specific health plans to access your information for credentialing. And remember, if you use Healthy Bytes for credentialing and contracting, we'll fill out the CAQH for you!