Don’t Miss Out on Earned Revenue: Ask Your Organization to Bill for Your Nutrition Counseling Services

Is your organization billing for your services? Many of you are employed by hospitals, clinics, research organizations or nonprofits that may not bill for your nutrition services. You have an opportunity to relay the value of your services to organization stakeholders and to make the case that billing for MNT is a sound investment, both from a bottom line standpoint as well as for the ability to further increase your clients’ access to needed dietary counseling.

Why is this important? When your organization isn’t billing insurance for your services, the full value of the care that you provide isn't truly being realized. Filing claims and billing for your services builds up documentation of the individuals that you’re able to counsel and your effectiveness in enacting lifestyle changes. As more in-network dietitians do this, insurance companies get a more robust and comprehensive picture of their members that are utilizing their nutrition benefits - and their related health outcomes. Seeing the vital role that RDNs play in the healthcare sector can lead to improvements in reimbursement rates. It may even open doors to more successful advocacy around licensure and certification with your state legislature, not to mention potentially being able to even better meet RDN staffing needs and to grow your team in-house.

When you bill for your services, you’re building up the profession as a whole. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes the importance of this, as does Healthy Bytes. We’re available to conduct an opportunity analysis for your organization so that decision makers can see the revenue potential for filing MNT claims and collecting reimbursement around dietary counseling.

Healthy Bytes is here to help you make the case to your organization to bill for your nutrition services! You can schedule a call with us here to discuss. Do this for you and for your fellow RDNs!