Eligibility Estimates Update

Thank you for being a part of the Healthy Bytes community! We are implementing a change that will help your private practice run more efficiently. As you know, we focus solely on nutritional counseling billing and we are experts in billing nuances, including when an eligibility estimate can (and cannot) be useful. 

When your client has active insurance coverage, we’ve found that eligibility estimates are less effective than past reimbursement history across providers for getting the majority of your claims paid. When we use our nationwide database of what should be paid by a given insurance company and plan, we see this pattern emerge. Instead of focusing on eligibility estimates, going forward, Healthy Bytes will focus on using our proprietary claims data to get your claims resolved faster and more efficiently. Therefore, starting July 15, 2019, Healthy Bytes will no longer conduct eligibility estimates for each client, given our determination as a company that eligibility estimates oftentimes do not influence claims decisions. 

Sometimes, even when a client has active health benefits, claims may still be denied. To help you collect the fees that you’re owed for your services, establish a payment policy for your clients to ensure payment and to help establish rapport with your client.

Repeatedly, we’ve heard two things help you run your nutrition business in a streamlined and client-centric way: having key information in real-time, and operational transparency on any changes or updates in the health insurance landscape. Our goal is to make sure you have key information at your fingertips and that you get your claims paid as quickly and reliably as possible by our team.

We are excited to continue to help your practice grow! If you have any questions for your billing allies or wish to discuss this update with us, please reach out to us at hello@healthybytes.co.