Finding Clients for Your Business, Part III: Let’s Get Creative!

Welcome to part three in our three-part series on finding clients for your nutrition business or private practice. In part one, we discussed traditional marketing tactics for growing your clientele. These included promoting that you’re an in-network provider, seeking physician and healthcare professional referrals, and including your business in health databases such as HealthProfs and Healthgrades.

In part two, we explored various online and digital means of marketing your services to attract clients. Having an online presence – everything from your website to blog to LinkedIn to Instagram – is important so that your clients-to-be can find you, learn about you, and book your services while you’re top of mind.

In this post, we want to share a few creative and out-of-the-box ways to find new clients for your business, including ideas from registered dietitian nutritionists.  

Get Clever with Your Promotions

Think about how you might offer a promotion that is relevant and timely for your potential clients. Invite them to “show themselves a little love” and sign up for your three-part counseling services package just in time for Valentine’s Day, at 15% off.

Or invite your current clients to refer a friend or family member to your practice. Treat your current client to a bonus for doing so when his/her friend books an appointment with you. The bonus could be a free e-book that you offer, a trendy kitchen gadget, or 15 extra minutes with you at their next nutrition counseling session.

Advertise in Your Community

Roll up your sleeves and create an eye-catching flyer, business card or postcard in Canva. Note your services and include your contact information. Ask permission to post them at your local coffee shop, fitness center, grocery store, salon, etc. – wherever your ideal clients are shopping or spending their time.

Inspiration from Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

We asked our RDN friends for some of their smart marketing ideas and here is what they had to say:

  • Shena Jaramillo, with J. Nutrition, is very involved with her local animal rescue organization, which allows her to meet and engage with many individuals in her community. “People naturally ask what I do when I’m helping them with their pets,” she said. This then leads to many of them signing up for her services and spreading the word to others about Shena’s business. Getting involved in other fields and interests can open doors!

  • Aaron Owens Mayhew, the Backcountry Foodie, carries her sample recipe cards everywhere that she goes – a great leave-behind. She shares that what she does for a living – providing ultralight meal plans for outdoor explorers – comes up with people she meets all the time. “Most are fascinated with what I do and say they want to follow my outdoor journeys; that’s when I offer the recipe card as a way for them to remember our conversation. This leads to more hits on social media, plus sales.”

  • Sohailla Digsby, of Best Body Nutrition and Fitness, shares that when she is traveling via plane to her next nutrition or fitness speaking engagement, the person sitting next to her will ask the reason for her travels and they strike up a conversation. “He or she typically ends up buying one of my books, and sometimes starts my virtual Best Body Countdown lifestyle change program as well,” Sohailla says. A good reminder to strike up conversations no matter where you are!

  • Jeanette Kimszal, of, started her own Meetup group. Brilliant! “It has been a great way to generate more leads and get people on my email list,” Jeanette shares. “I can also find out what people are struggling with and what types of programming they are interested in learning more about.” Great connection point, Jeanette!

Please comment below with a marketing tactic that has helped you grow!