Finding Clients for Your Business, Part I: Traditional Marketing Tactics

You’ve set up your business and you’re now in-network with your desired health insurance companies. It may feel a bit daunting as you’re awaiting clients to come knocking at your door. We know you’d rather be proactive and seek them out! Here are a few traditional marketing tactics for finding new clients. This is part one in a three-part series. More to come on the topics of online and digital marketing, plus creative ideas from registered dietitian nutritionists as to how they market their services.

Define Your Ideal Client

First, it is so important to define your ideal client. Is she a young woman in her 30s looking for nutrition counseling for her gestational diabetes? Is it a teen athlete who wants to improve his personal best in his next half marathon? Getting crisp on defining your ideal client and your niche is important as it will dictate where you prioritize your marketing efforts. Where do your clients-to-be spend their time? You might pitch your local midwives’ organization, for example, or a local marathon-training club.   

In-Network Benefits

Now that you are in-network, you have the glorious benefit of inclusion in your insurance company’s referral database. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are able to refer their clients and patients to you based on the fact that their client/patient has a plan with the health insurance network with which you’re in-network.

Take advantage of this, and make it clear on your website which insurances you accept. You should also make this obvious on your LinkedIn profile and mention it on social media every so often. Doing so will make your future clients’ decision to see you that much easier.

Healthcare Professional Referrals

Receiving referrals from your area primary care physicians or other healthcare professionals on an ongoing basis is a great way to grow your client base and form ongoing partnerships with providers. If you’re not in touch with your local MDs, therapists, PTs, counselors, etc., there’s no time like the present to make plans for doing so. Here are five tips to get you started.  

HealthProfs, ZocDoc and Healthgrades

Many of you are using sites such as HealthProfs, ZocDoc and Healthgrades as a means of marketing your services and sourcing new clients for your practice. Take a look at these three referral sources and insight from RDNs about each, so that you can discern whether one (or several) might be helpful in growing your business. 

Looking for more? View our posts on Building Your Brand Part I, Building Your Brand Part II, and our Five Marketing Musts. Stay tuned for our post, Finding Clients, Part II!

What marketing tactics work best for growing your business?

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