Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo Sessions We Recommend

The annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) takes place this year in Philadelphia from October 26th – 29th. If you plan to attend, and if you wish to learn more onsite about navigating the  healthcare insurance landscape, we recommend the following sessions presented by your dietitian colleagues and peers. Descriptions below are from the FNCE website. Have a great show!

1. Parlez-Vous Revenue? Winning at Third Party Payment, Sun., October 27th

Whether you’re in private practice, primary care, outpatient or other ambulatory setting, navigating the world of healthcare billing, coding, and payment can be difficult. From identifying business opportunities and becoming credentialed providers to generating and adjudicating claims, subject matter experts will share best practices for getting the revenue you deserve.

Solutions to common payment pitfalls will be offered, such as what to do if a provider network is full, how to resolve billing issues and respond to denials, and what to do when a diagnosis is not listed as a covered benefit under a patient’s health plan. Speakers will also address in- and out-of-network status, the impact of billing on the future of dietetic practice, and why you should bill under your own National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. Utilizing sample coding scenarios and case studies, speakers will highlight best practices for minimizing claim denials and ensuring services are billed accurately to maximize revenue.

2. The Right Stuff: Supporting Access to Medicaid Nutrition Services, Mon., October 28th

Efforts to increase access to preventive services including nutrition care have traditionally focused on federal programs such as a Medicare. In 2019, the Academy joined forces with other leading organizations to advocate for increased access to obesity care in an initiative led by affiliate policy leaders. This session will review the current state-by-state environment for nutrition counseling for obesity under the Medicaid program and state insurance plans. An overview of the legislation that allows for preventive health programs will be provided along with success stories from the initiative and impact on the visibility of registered dietitians as members of the interdisciplinary team.

3. Aligning Services Using Digital Tools for Virtual Diabetes Care, Tues., October 29th

Research repeatedly shows people with diabetes benefit from frequent and ongoing follow-up care, education and support. The increasing availability of various digital health tools and therapeutics are enabling various health care providers, including nutrition professionals, to deliver the care people with diabetes need to achieve optimal, cost-effective clinical outcomes.

Medicare has also recognized the need in an increasingly connected and technology-enabled world for some services to be delivered virtually or remotely. In 2018 and 2019 Medicare added several Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for Remote Patient Monitoring. Nutrition professionals should be aware of the intricacies of these codes and know how to implement them in their practice setting for optimal payment. A case study will profile a diabetes program based in a large hospital system that has successfully integrated the use of a digital therapeutic in the care and education of a population of people with type 2 diabetes. 

4. Dietetics Licensure: Outdated or Imperative? Tues., October 29th

State licensure laws regulating professional and occupations have come under sustained attack in the last decade from both sides of the political spectrum as overly restrictive, unconstitutional, unnecessary, rent-seeking measures that negatively impact minority communities disproportionately. This session will examine the current state of licensure and looks to its future by evaluating criticisms of licensure generally and assessing how both valid and invalid criticisms may impact dietetics licensure.


As always, if you have questions related to navigating healthcare insurance on behalf of your clients, we’re here to help!

What sessions are you looking forward to? Please share below!