Receive Insurance Consultation Via New Healthy Bytes and Monash University Partnership

Have you heard? Healthy Bytes, your insurance reimbursement experts, and Monash University, the well-renowned institution that first developed the low FODMAP diet, have partnered to provide a comprehensive “The Low FODMAP Diet for IBS” online course offering, complete with a one-on-one consult with your Healthy Bytes billing allies to help you ease into accepting health insurance on behalf of your low FODMAP-lifestyle clients!

When you sign up for this valuable course offering through Monash University, you’ll receive:

  • Free Monash FODMAP app download when you sign up

  • Inclusion in the Monash FODMAP Dietitian Directory allowing IBS patients and referring healthcare professionals to find you via their app and website

  • Monash FODMAP hardcopy resource pack upon completion

  • 30 CEUs upon completion

  • You will receive names and details of the top IBS treating physicians in your local area, allowing you to promote your practice to them

  • Opportunities to participate in educational webinars and events hosted by the experts at Monash University

Monash University is having a Spring sale! If you’re a Today’s Dietitian subscriber, you’ll receive 40% off Monash University’s “The Low FODMAP Diet for IBS” online course for a limited time. Formerly $650, the course is now offered for the price of $390. 

Sign up here and use the discount code TD40OFF at checkout. Become an IBS and FODMAP specialist dietitian, and learn about the benefits of accepting health insurance on behalf of your clients and how Healthy Bytes can support you at the same time! You'll also learn exactly how to get your insurance journey started today, so that you can increase your clients' access to the care they need. Sign up for your 15-minute consult with Healthy Bytes here.

Dietitian Elana Natker points out that Monash researchers developed and coined the low FODMAP approach and they continue to invest in and conduct research on the subject. She says that when she discusses the Monash FODMAP app with RDNs familiar with low FODMAP, RDNs refer to the app as “…indispensable!” Take advantage of the Monash comprehensive course offering and your Healthy Bytes consultation today!

Do you counsel your clients on the low FODMAP lifestyle? Please comment below!