Alternative Income Streams: Host a Webinar

Accepting insurance on behalf of your clients is a great means of growing your revenue. It opens up your ability to counsel more nutrition clients who may not be able to afford to see you otherwise. Accepting insurance also lands your business in your insurance company's provider directory – opening up referral possibilities!

While insurance reimbursement is the primary way to grow your practice, there are additional means of supplementing your revenue, including development of a webinar or a series of webinars for your target clients, or for other RDNs and CNSs to share with their clients.

Benefits of Hosting a Webinar

Webinars allow you to engage with your target audience in real-time, by providing content and by answering questions they have in a live setting. Hosting a webinar also provides you with the opportunity to build your contacts list, collecting names and emails of interested participants for your future outreach and marketing campaigns. Hosting a webinar positions you as an expert in your niche as well; become a thought-leader in your space!

Consider your goal in hosting a webinar. Be clear about whether you are doing this for increased visibility, to gain new clients, to generate more leads, increase sales of your digital products, etc. Think about your specific reasons for hosting a webinar before jumping in, and conduct your marketing efforts to match your goal – otherwise your content may fall flat.

Tools of the Trade: Webinar Considerations

Think about topics that are of interest to your ideal audience. What are your clients, potential clients, or colleagues asking you for? What knowledge are they hungry for? What is your expertise? Treat them to new information that will help them grow, and leave them wanting more!

Make sure that your webinar contains a call to action. What do you want your viewers to do as a result – sign up for a package of nutrition consults with you? Purchase a digital course that you have prepared? Be specific and provide them with your contact information, links to learn more, pricing information, any promotions you are offering and any registration deadlines.  

Lastly, choose a webinar platform that works best for your needs. Zoom is one option; their free, basic plan hosts up to 100 individuals for a 40 minute session. Or, upgrade to a time limit of 24 hours on their pro plan for $14.99 monthly (at time of publication).

Once you have clear goals and your topic in mind, it’s time to create and market your content! We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Have you hosted a webinar before – or would you like to? Comment below!


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