Host a Webinar: Create Compelling Content

Developing and hosting a webinar is a great way to grow your private practice or nutrition business, supplement your revenue and reach your target audiences. Earlier, we covered the benefits of conducting a webinar and considerations for doing so. Today, we’re focusing on creating compelling webinar content. Your content is one of the main reasons attendees are signing up, as they have an interest in learning from your expertise. Let’s make sure your webinar content exceeds their expectations!

Select a Specific Topic in Your Area of Expertise

It may go without saying, but speak to what you know! Choose a fairly specific topic that your audience would like to learn more about. And don’t worry about whether a webinar has been done on your selected topic before – there’s a good chance that it has! But you bring your own unique angle and insights to the topic at hand.

Take a look at your site analytics or e-newsletter content to learn which topics and links have received the most traffic. Perhaps your clients want to learn more about cooking seasonal produce, or how to fuel for their personal best in their next marathon. Make a list of the specific topics that you could cover and consider which one(s) excite you the most. Keeping the topics specific and catchy will draw in more attendees – would you rather attend a webinar on “sports nutrition,” or one on “what to eat to achieve your next personal best?” See the difference?

Share a short list of ideas with a colleague, social media followers, family member or mentor, etc. for feedback before proceeding, too. You’re going to invest a lot of time into development of the content and marketing your webinar, so having a compelling topic is a key first step!

Select a Webinar Format

Think about the webinars that you’ve recently viewed and what made the presentations compelling – or not compelling. For us, the ones that keep our attention have visually-appealing slides with minimal copy. The more imagery used, the better! Second, we prefer when we can see the presenter in addition to his/her content that is being shared. Seeing the presenter allows us to feel more connected to the presentation.

When preparing your slides, think about the value you bring to your attendees. Make sure your content is informative, factual and thought-provoking. Your content might also be entertaining, controversial or ground-breaking. Think again about your goal and what you want your attendees to do as a result of viewing your webinar. Be sure to introduce yourself and your services (or product) at the start before diving into the core of your presentation. Share objectives and revisit them at the close of your delivery. Finish by providing your call to action and emphasize how attendees can get in touch with you.

Most webinars provide approximately 45-50 minutes of content, followed by a 10-15 minute question and answer session with your attendees. But feel free to experiment with a format that works best for your needs, and those of your audience.  

You’re on your way to creating a great marketing tool! Are you feeling more confident about building compelling webinar content? Let us know below!