Meet the Team: Elizabeth Gunner

We’d like to introduce you to Healthy Bytes’ team member, Elizabeth Gunner! Elizabeth is an insurance credentialing expert in our New York office, where she ensures effective contracting and credentialing of registered dietitians with various insurance companies. Below, you can read how she aims to both contribute to Healthy Bytes’ values of authenticity and commitment to ensuring that Healthy Bytes clients beyond satisfied with the entirety of the contracting, credentialing, billing and reimbursement processes.

Meet Elizabeth!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Gunner and I am a recent graduate of Cornell University. While at Cornell, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science while completing the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). I am currently enrolled in a dietetic internship in New York City where I will become a registered dietitian nutritionist by this time next year!

Throughout my time at Cornell, I strived to diversify my skills and become involved with various extracurricular activities to fuel my interest in nutrition, business and policy. Some of my most fulfilling work includes a research position in Dr. David Levitsky’s laboratory, where I conducted research on the etiology of weight gain among middle-age adults. In monitoring a subset of participants, I obtained valuable data management and analytical skills whilst improving my understanding of the importance of effective teamwork.

I also served as the Lead Operator in TEDx Cornell. By communicating with some of the most influential nutritional science researchers around the world, this leadership position enabled me with the opportunity to develop effective communication and public speaking skills while simultaneously providing me with a valuable management experience. Being at Healthy Bytes, I have had the opportunity to both transfer and practice my learned skills while consistently encountering a myriad of opportunities to grow. 

While there are countless attributes that I admire about Healthy Bytes and my co-workers, the traits I admire most are their unfailing authenticity and commitment. These attributes are paramount in ensuring that clients receive not only the best coverage and outcomes, but that they are also satisfied throughout the entirety of the process. This level of commitment to client care is crucial to ensuring the well-being of our clients and their patients. Clients receiving nutrition counseling have access to what I consider an innate right: care from RDNs at an affordable price. Health is remarkably important for vitality and well-being, and should be a service that all have access to. Knowing that my work goes beyond ensuring coverage for our providers, but that in turn my work ensures coverage for individuals, families and children is the most rewarding aspect of my role.

As someone who has a natural inclination towards policy and business ventures, I enjoy being immersed in start-up culture and being exposed to different avenues of thinking. Working at Healthy Bytes allows me to understand how certain policies affect insurance coverage and providers in a real-life setting.

On a more personal note, I enjoy reading, exercising and exploring New York City in my free time. I also enjoy creating healthy recipes and trying new foods! So much so that I created an Instagram account devoted to food and fitness, called @wholiztic_health. Here, I post new recipes and nutrition advice in a colorful and lively manner. Feel free to connect with me – and I look forward to working with you!

Please welcome Elizabeth below!