Meet the Team: Skye Massey

We’d like to introduce you to Healthy Bytes’ team member, Skye Massey! Skye is an intern on our billing team in the New York office. She is passionate about global health and preventive medicine, and is working hard to get you credentialed and contracted with insurance companies.

Meet Skye!

Hello, everyone! I joined the Healthy Bytes team because I am passionate about how our work contributes to a reduction in health disparities in the United States. Healthy Bytes allows providers to not only see a wider range of clients, but also provides more individuals with the opportunity to receive nutritional counseling. As someone who values the work of preventive medicine, I believe access to registered dietitians will help prevent the development and onset of chronic diseases, leading to a healthier population.

I discovered this internship position with Healthy Bytes through my graduate program at Columbia University, and knew that it was the perfect fit for me. I completed my bachelor’s degree in global studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which furthered my interest in global health and preventive medicine. This led me to the Columbia Institute of Human Nutrition master's program to study how we can prevent health complications. I am currently finalizing my thesis work at Columbia.

I love how my work at Healthy Bytes allows me to see firsthand how my work positively impacts RDNs’ abilities to counsel patients. While I work primarily on contracting, I have seen how insurance contracts have opened the doors for our clients to grow their own client base and spread their knowledge and passion for nutrition. The work I do is very rewarding, but not without its challenges - most of which pertains to insurance network policies. Many insurance companies are progressive in adding RDNs to their networks, however, I feel we still have a significant way to go in recognizing the enormous value RDNs provide in preventative care. Through my work at Healthy Bytes, I want to work toward enacting changes in health insurance policies, and thus help to create a greater network of RDNs.

On a personal note, to coincide with my interests in lifestyle factors in preventive medicine, I am passionate about fitness! In my free time I teach classes at Cyclebar Premium Indoor Cycling Studio in Jersey City. I have the best time riding alongside my riders and motivating them through their own fitness journeys. Come ride with me!

Joining the Healthy Bytes team has been such a great experience. My coworkers are phenomenal individuals who have all taught me so much about the operations and processes of insurance networks. I look forward to getting you in-network with insurance companies so that you can grow your practices and contribute to preventive care!

Please welcome Skye below!