Tips for Dietitians-to-Be Part I: Passing the RDN Exam

Congratulations to you, RDs-to-be, who are nearing your much-anticipated graduation date! You’re nearly there! The Healthy Bytes billing allies recognize and applaud all of the hard work you have put into becoming a dietitian to date.

As you near the final turn, you’re likely starting to prepare for the national RDN exam at this time. Just like any other exam prep, some of us study best for this exam with others, while some of us prefer to study solo. Many current dietitians swear by their use of flashcards for prep for the RDN exam, given the loads of data and memorization involved – while others prefer manuals or seminars. Whatever your study method, we’ve compiled a few resources that aim to help you pass on your first try!

RDN Exam Prep Resources

  • The Commission on Dietetic Registration: The CDR publishes a Study Guide for the Registration Examination for Dietitians. The guide includes a study outline based on the examination content specifications, suggested study references, study tips, and a print and online version of the practice examination.

  • Inman Review: The Inman Review seminar (also available via CD) and manual are oftentimes considered the gold standard of review prep materials! Many dietitians swear by this resource for their test prep.

  • Hess and Hunt: The comprehensive Hess and Hunt Review of Dietetics manual provides essential information on all content areas listed in the CDR’s study outline. According to the manual’s authors and reviewers, more than 10,000 exam candidates have studied from various editions of Review of Dietetics and passed the Registration Exam to become RDNs.

  • RD in a Flash: This packet of more than 630 flash cards cover the basic ideas and principles for all questions posed on the RD exam. Read the review of this product in Today’s Dietitian to learn more.

You might consider splitting the cost of some of the above study materials with another RD-to-be, or search for used copies of materials and resources online. Whichever method and tools you use to prep for the exam, we know you’ll be brilliant! Best of luck to you and let us know when you pass!  

Note: The resources mentioned above serve only to give you general information and a general sense of understanding. Links from Healthy Bytes to third-party sites do not constitute an endorsement by Healthy Bytes of the parties or their products and services.