Private Practice Tools for You: Free Physician Referral Template

Are you receiving referrals from your area physicians or other healthcare professionals on an ongoing basis? If so, well done! Way to reach out and network in order to secure new avenues of bringing clients through your door. You can read more about sourcing physician referrals via an earlier post on our blog.

To close out National Nutrition Month, we’d like to offer a free gift to you – a Physician Referral Form for your use in your private practice or nutrition business.Please use the Physician Referral Form to gather health information for clients referred to you by a physician or other referring healthcare provider. The physician will complete client/patient information, diagnosis codes, client lab values, physician contact information (including NPI) and more, so that you have a full picture of the health of the client being referred to you.

Request via fax/email completion of the Physician Referral Form by your referring provider. For convenience purposes, we suggest posting the Physician Referral Form to your website, then directing referring providers to the template on your site. Lastly, if you have any questions about seeking referrals or completing the following form, please reach out to the billing allies here at Healthy Bytes!

Don’t delay – download the free Physician Referral Form (fillable PDF version) for your nutrition business today! The form will be free through midnight ET March 31, 2019 (enter promo code MoreReferrals), at which time we will implement a nominal fee.