Prepare Your Private Practice for Back to School

As we near the start of the school year for many, you may find that your private practice or nutrition business’ schedule is filling up with students or student athletes (if this is your niche area of practice). Now is the time when students are likely seeking your nutrition counseling as they head into a new school year. It is also the time for you to prepare your practice for these appointments, and/or for you to market your practice this Fall to let students know that you are here for them.

Prepare Your Practice for Student Clients

As we approach the end of Summer, make your services available to clients who would like to incorporate nutritional counseling into their back to school routines. Take time to think about your ideal student clients and prepare for your sessions with them – have your resources and handouts at the ready, whether they be materials on how to prepare healthy meals while away at college for the first time, or how to fuel up for the recreational softball game your client is participating in this weekend.

And if you’re new to nutrition counseling (congratulations, recent graduates!) you’ll want to begin the process of accepting health insurance on behalf of your clients if you haven’t already done so. Accepting health insurance opens up your business to many more nutrition counseling clients and opportunities!  

Market Your Practice to Student Clients

The back to school timeframe is also a perfect time to market your expertise to students, student athletes, parents of students, etc. Market yourself this Fall to grow your private practice or nutrition business!

Consider offering a seasonal special, such as a Fall back-to-school special for college athletes or college students attending school near you. Visit local area high schools or college campuses and speak with their student health services departments or athletic program administrators and coaches to learn about their students’ needs. Make your services known and offer to provide nutrition counseling services to their students, or offer to deliver a presentation to a group of students on campus.

If you prefer working with younger students and/or their parents, attend local Parent-Teacher Association meetings near you and network with the organizers and attendees. Do the same in terms of offering to provide one-on-one counseling, or a series of presentations. Think big! You never know – they may have a big regional meeting coming up that they want you to speak at, or they may have a national foodservice contact across town in need of your expertise. Put yourself out there!


How are you preparing and marketing your private practice for back to school?