Private Practice Profitability: Find Clients and Establish a Referral Pipeline

In Part I of our Private Practice Profitability series, we focused on establishing a budget for your business and the importance of managing overhead costs. Today we’re diving into finding clients for your nutrition business or private practice, in addition to how to establish a strong referral pipeline with other providers. It’s time to stop living paycheck to paycheck!

Find Clients for Your Nutrition Business or Private Practice

The nutrition business of your dreams is ready to become a reality! One of the most common questions we hear from you, once you are in-network with insurance companies, is “Now how do I go about finding clients?

We’ve published a three-part blog series that covers how to proactively bring in business and grow your client base. Part I covers traditional marketing tactics for finding new clients, and walks you though defining your core audience and developing your niche. Note that once you are in-network with insurance companies, you have the added benefit of being listed in the provider directory; potential clients and referral sources find you via this means. Part II addresses online and digital marketing, including how to establish your online presence, lead generation, e-newsletters, social media and more. Lastly, Part III features creative ideas from fellow registered dietitian nutritionists as to how they market their services, including media relations, speaking engagements, networking and more.

Establish a Strong Referral Pipeline

Receiving referrals from your area primary care physicians or other healthcare professionals on an ongoing basis is a great way to grow your client base and form ongoing partnerships with providers. If you’re not in touch with your local MDs, therapists, PTs, counselors, etc., there’s no time like the present for doing so! Here are resources to get you started:

How Healthy Bytes Helps

Healthy Bytes is here to support you! In two 30-minute coaching sessions, private practice advisor Kendall Singleton will walk you through the steps needed to build a thriving private practice and how to market it to your community. Part I will include an assessment of your goals, your future client demographic, and the specific steps needed to launch your nutrition business. Part II will take place about a month later and will review progress, as well as focus on marketing and networking strategy. Kendall has consulted with hundreds of prospective private practice dietitians to date, and looks forward to helping you grow your client base. Sign up for your coaching sessions today!