Private Practice Profitability: Client Retention, Billing and Reimbursement

Are you ready to take your private practice or nutrition business to the next level? Earnings potential abounds – read on to learn how to create these money-making opportunities! This is part III in our private practice profitability series, in which we’re focusing on client retention, billing and reimbursement. Read our earlier posts on budgeting and managing overhead, and on finding clients and establishing a referral pipeline.

Client Retention and Revenue Opportunities from Current Clients

You need not always focus on finding more clients – instead, how can you get more business from those you already have? Consider the following ideas:

•        Create price or content-based packages, for example, a three-part gut-health package

•        Offer seasonal specials, such as a Fall back-to-school special for college athletes

•        Establish a “refer a friend” promotion that will benefit both your current client and new prospects

•        Create a group nutrition workshop, for example, one for moms looking for information on how best to nourish their toddlers

•        Remind current clients of their remaining sessions in their healthcare plan

Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, LD of Street Smart Nutrition notes that she provides specialized packages to members of her local treadmill studio, owned and operated by running coaches and a sports PT. “I have done several sports nutrition workshops and offered customized packages that coordinate with their seasonal run coaching packages and it's been a steady recommendation source ever since.” 

Get creative with your package ideas, like Cara has!

Billing and Reimbursement

Become your own best billing department! This element is critical in tracking payment whether it be out-of-pocket or via insurance reimbursement. Set up an invoicing and payments system that works best for your needs. If you’re opting to accept health insurance on behalf of your clients, you may decide that this piece is best left in the hands of your billing experts here at Healthy Bytes! We manage the entire process on your behalf – from credentialing and contracting to billing and reimbursement.

 Think about how you can grow your own business – what works for you? Is it being smarter about your expenses, or is it establishing that group nutrition counseling package that you’ve been meaning to launch? Now is the time! Let us know how your billing allies can help support you – comment below!