Online Tactics to Promote Your Upcoming Webinar

Developing and hosting a webinar is a great means of marketing your private practice or nutrition business. Earlier, we covered the benefits of conducting a webinar and how to create compelling webinar content. You’ve worked hard on developing your webinar content; now it’s time to market your webinar to those who would benefit from hearing all of the wonderful information that you have to share!

Market Your Webinar Via Your Website

First, we suggest creating a separate landing page solely for webinar registrations. Share your webinar title and a few highlights to entice participants. Provide them with the date and time, plus any additional logistics that are necessary such as how they’ll access the live webinar upon registering.

Make sure visitors to your site can easily navigate to your registration page. Blog about your upcoming webinar. Highlight it on your home page by adding a hello bar to the top of your homepage to grab visitors’ attention and draw them in with a snippet about your webinar, or create a lead magnet that serves a similar purpose. Consider adding a pop-up window on another relevant page of your site to draw attention to your future webinar as well. The pop-ups are a bit more intrusive but can be highly effective!

Additional Digital Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Webinar

There truly are countless ways to promote your upcoming webinar! Additional digital marketing tactics for ensuring a great turnout include:

  • Social Media: We know this is an obvious one, but do get the word out via social – both to announce your webinar and to remind potential attendees to sign up as you approach your webinar date. Consider paid social as well to boost your content.

  • E-blasts: Make good use of your current email list by inviting your current contacts to register for your webinar. Again, send reminder e-blasts or emails leading up to your webinar date.

  • Email Signature: Your email signature is small but mighty! Add your registration URL to your email signature line for additional views and clicks.

While not an exhaustive list by any means, we hope you gained a few ideas for how to best market your webinar online. Get out there and promote those sign-ups!

What tactics would you add to this list? Comment below!