The Lifecycle of an Insurance Claim

Filing insurance claims can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Your Healthy Bytes billing allies are here to walk you through the lifecycle of a claim, starting with steps to take the moment you schedule your new client appointment.

Before You File: Conduct an Eligibility Estimate

Healthy Bytes conducts an eligibility estimate on your client’s behalf before your client has his/her appointment with you. The purpose of conducting an eligibility estimate is to learn whether your client’s insurance will cover your services.

Add your new client and his/her demographic information, diagnosis description and insurance coverage into the Healthy Bytes HIPAA-compliant platform so that you’re ready to file the claim once you have completed your nutrition consult with your client. Doing so flags for us that we will need to immediately conduct an eligibility estimate for your new client.

While eligibility estimates aren't a guarantee of coverage, they provide useful information such as your client’s co-pay amount (if any) and deductible. Inform your clients that they are responsible for any portion that insurance doesn't cover; establish policies and share them with your clients. Request an eligibility estimate from Healthy Bytes as soon as your client schedules with you. This way, if we need a pre-authorization, we'll have time to gather it before your first appointment. If you have any questions about eligibility estimates, your Healthy Bytes billing ally is here to provide support!

Filing Claims Using the Healthy Bytes Platform

File your claim as soon as you’ve conducted your nutrition counseling appointment with your client. When filing a claim using the Healthy Bytes platform, you’ll be prompted to answer the following:

  • What type of appointment? e.g., Initial appointment, group appointment, etc.

  • Where did it take place? e.g., Office setting, client's home

  • When? e.g., 02/16/2019

  • Are all diagnosis and other details correct?

When using Healthy Bytes, you don’t need to memorize the procedure or diagnostic codes, we’re here to handle that on your behalf! If you have any questions about filing claims or about the Healthy Bytes dashboard, do reach out to our team of billing allies!

After Filing a Claim

Relax! That wasn’t nearly as stressful as you imagined, was it? You did it! You can now view and track the status of your claims from our real-time, searchable dashboard. Sit back and wait for payments to come to you, and rest assured that any tricky claims will be routed back to your Healthy Bytes billing ally to investigate and resolve on your behalf.


What questions do you have about the lifecycle of an insurance claim?