Meet the Team: Kendall Singleton


Today we'd like to introduce you to our Healthy Bytes team member, Kendall Singleton. Kendall is from Durham, NC and has been with Healthy Bytes since April. 

At Healthy Bytes, Kendall spends much of her time speaking with dietitians and answering questions about how Healthy Bytes can help grow one’s private practice. Kendall also reads and researches policy and legislation that may impact RDNs’ and CNS’ work. She is well-versed in healthcare topics and develops relevant resources for Healthy Bytes’ clients.  

About her job, Kendall says, "I really enjoy educating people about the big picture and the healthcare sector as a whole, and subsequently seeing the direct positive impact that our advocacy and work has on a dietitian's business." 

Interestingly, Kendall’s initial career plans revolved around natural resources and conservation. She nurtured these interests by studying environmental science as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia. As her interests evolved into the interaction between humans and their ecosystems, she went on to earn a policy degree at Columbia.

Her experience includes striving to make institutional food service more sustainable by way of reducing food waste and procuring from more sustainable producers. When she first started doing that kind of work more than 10 years ago, sustainability was becoming a buzzword but there were no best practices at the time to learn from. It was a bit intimidating, Kendall says, but she found it exciting to help develop that roadmap for one of the biggest food service management companies in the world. She says, “That experience has undoubtedly helped set me up to really enjoy a startup environment where I'm working with an amazing team to develop tangible solutions to big, messy problems." And here at Healthy Bytes, we appreciate her big ideas and ability to put them into action!

Outside of work, Kendall loves to run and bike along the Hudson River Greenway on a beautiful day. She also likes to indulge in afternoon tea at one of the swanky hotels in the city. Kendall calls herself "a full-fledged extrovert." When she's not befriending other people in our co-working building, she keeps an active schedule: singing in two choirs (she has performed at Carnegie Hall!), playing the ukulele, running (sometimes with co-workers!), hosting a monthly book club, and teaching the occasional farm-to-table seasonal cooking class. 

Please say hello to Kendall!