Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

FNCE 2016 is almost here! We are excited to meet new faces and say hello to current customers. Make sure to drop by booth #2236! For those of you who aren't registered for the Food & Nutrition Conference yet, you can explore the Academy's website for more information.

This week we got to chat with Katharine Jeffcoat RDN, LD, CLT! Katharine has her own private practice, Portland Pediatric Nutrition, located in Portland, Oregon. Check out her interview

Here are some tidbits to get your weekend started.

1. The hip-hop yoga playlist to try at home.

2. Moderate drinking doesn't affect fertility.

3. Raw chocolate chip mint cups.

4. Ramen noodles are now the prison currency of choice

5. Spinach crepes with creamy mushrooms

6. "Get preggy","knocked up", and "more milk" pregnancy smoothies.

7. When food firms cut the salt, what do they put in instead?

8. How millennials could change healthcare

9. Goodwill garden: Hospital starts produce sharing garden