Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend

The second webinar on 'Growing My Private Practice: Should I Take Insurance?', happened this week. We hope you got some useful information! Remember to sign up for the third and final webinar on Advanced Topics in Insurance, which is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday.

On the blog, we checked out Rachael Hartley's post on what to know before starting a private practice. She discusses her journey into the world of healthy, happy eating and how other dietitians can make their journey one they enjoy.

Our expert this week is Susan Paredez, MS, RD, CDN, who is the state Reimbursement Representative for NY and clinical nutrition coordinator at UHS Hospital. Her work as an inpatient dietitian who collaborates with private practice dietitians lets her see both sides of the system.

Don't forget to get your weekend off to a good start by checking out our fun links below! 

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