Using The Healthy Bytes Platform

How Do I Add a New Patient?

Adding a new patient to the Healthy Bytes platform is a simple 4-step process. To give you a quick visual representation, we’ve created a short video tutorial to guide you through the process. You'll need the following information handy when you add a new patient:

  1. Patient: first name, last name, DOB.

  2. Diagnosis: we recommend Z.713 (nutritional counseling). You can also prescribe any other codes starting with “Z” or use diagnoses that that a primary care provider has referred to you.

  3. Insurance: patient’s insurance company name, member ID, group number.

  4. Patient Details: At this point, our system will attempt to auto-verify the patient’s coverage. If you would like a benefits estimate, check the box “Requires an eligibility check” and you’ll receive an email within 5 business days that your estimate is available on your dashboard.

How Do I Add Additional Details to a Patient’s Account?

If an insurance company can’t instantly verify a patient’s information, don’t worry! You can still enter the patient manually for an eligibility estimate. We'll receive the request and send you a response within 5 business days. Again, we’ve created a short video tutorial to help guide you through this process and serve as a reference going forward.

How Can I Request an Eligibility Estimate for a Patient?

Submitting requests for eligibility estimates is quick and easy on the Healthy Bytes platform. It is highly beneficial for you to check eligibility for all patients you see to ensure your services are a covered benefit and minimize the volume of denied claim. If you’d like more detailed information on this topic, check out one of our favorite blog posts explaining all the ins-and-outs of insurance eligibility.

The Healthy Bytes Way: we default to checking the patient’s In-Network benefits. If you’d like us to check telehealth or Out-of-Network benefits, simply indicate this by clicking the corresponding boxes.

How Do I Edit An Established Patient’s Details?

Editing a patient’s details on the Healthy Bytes platform is a quick and straightforward process. Simply navigate to your Healthy Bytes provider dashboard and follow the steps in this quick video guide to make changes to the profile of an existing patient.

How Do I File a New Claim?

From your Healthy Bytes dashboard, click “File Claim.” You will then be redirected to your patient list where you can select which patient you’d like to file the claim for. We have a step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through every step of our painless claim filing process!

How Do I Check the Status of a Claim?

From the Healthy Bytes dashboard, select the “Check Status” button to view all the claims you’ve filed. The next screen will provide you with a broad overview showing the status of your claims. Most providers find our step-by-step video tutorial to be the most useful in learning to use this function of the platform.

An explanation of how to interpret the different claim statuses, take a look at our post on understanding claim statuses.

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