Nutrition Reimbursement: The Healthy Bytes Way

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Nutrition billing is complicated and rapidly changing. For the first time, nutritional counseling is widely-covered by insurance, and many dietitians have been able to start and grow their practices by taking insurance. It's hard to find one definitive guide that has all the basics explained from becoming an in-network provider to getting reimbursed for telehealth. Inspired by the questions we get daily from dietitians across the country, we wrote this guide to serve as a jumping-off point.  We hope you find it helpful.

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Is Medicaid coverage available in New York? Does Medicaid cover obesity in California? What is the Medicare reimbursement rate for Texas?

We created the “How to do Nutrition Reimbursement” series to answer these questions– for all 50 states. Throughout November, we'll be releasing the states in batches on Tuesdays.

Go ahead, open up this atlas to learn about nutrition reimbursement in your state.

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