Adding a New Client & Requesting an Eligibility Estimate

When you add a new client to your dashboard, you can request an eligibility estimate. This will give you information such as whether they have a copayment, deductible, referral or visit limit. Generally it takes 3-5 business days to receive the benefits. If you you have any questions as to what the terminology of these checks are we have a breakdown of the jargon in our Help Center


Editing a Client

If you need to edit a client due to information requested during a benefits check or you have obtained different information for the patient, you can do this from your dashboard. You can update a client's details by typing the client's name in the search bar on the dashboard and clicking through to the information you want to change. Don't forget to save the changes from the review screen!


How to File A Claim

Filing a claim has never been so easy! It only takes 45 seconds to add the essentials of your appointment and you're ready to go. 


How to Check Claim Status

Once you've filed a claim, we take care of it! Sometimes extra information is required and we will get in touch with the insurance company to figure what is needed, such as Medical Notes. 

You can check up on how your claims are doing in the 'Claim Status' column of your 'Check Status' area. If you scroll over each claim's status you can see exactly what is going on with the claim. If you need more information of what the statuses mean, here is a Breakdown of Claim Status'